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Settled in the core of the clamoring Golden Triangle and inside strolling separation from the famous Petronas Twin Towers, Aquaria KLCC is a cutting edge aquarium displaying more than 5,000 distinct shows of oceanic and land-bound animals over a sprawling multi-level space in the Concourse Level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

From the tropical waters of the Asian area to the rainforests of the world, Aquaria KLCC takes you on an adventure to find the captivating idea of sea-going life and in addition the special conduct of creatures and crawly animals above water.

Submerge in a retaining sea-going knowledge (without getting your feet wet!) from the minute you enter Aquaria KLCC. An instructive investigation graphing the course of common waters spilling out of the good countries to the streams and remote ocean is conceived to enable guests to acknowledge water as a living space and biological community.

Features incorporate a 90-meter burrow tank with a moving travelator where you can wonder about Sand Tiger sharks, stingrays, marine turtles and other ocean animals swimming around unhindered in the tremendous oceanarium, a dynamite live show of jumpers bolstering these animals at supper times and an uncommon chance to come into contact with live starfish and bamboo shark at the Touchpool range.



Aquaria KLCC is situated on the Concourse Level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) at the primary passageway along Jalan Pinang.

West Entrance through the underpass burrow interfacing from the Concourse Level of Suria KLCC (by Maybank) to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

West Entrance by means of the KLCC Park prompting Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

By Bus

• Stop at the Impiana KLCC transport prevent and stroll from here.

• KL Hop-On-Hop-Off Double Decker Tour Bus Service: Stop at the KLCC Garden Park stop (West Wing KL Convention C

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