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Known as the ‘Living Museum’, the Cultural Village was arranged up to save and exhibit Sarawak’s social legacy. Situated at Pantai Damai, Santubong, only 32km from the state capital, Kuching, it’s the ideal spot to get acquainted with neighborhood culture and way of life.

Sprawled crosswise over 17 sections of land, there are around 150 individuals residing in the town, exhibiting regular day by day exercises from Sarawak’s assorted tribes like the preparing of sago and the making of crafted works. They wear conventional outfits and furthermore put on moves for guests.

The town occupants give data on their different normal societies and ways of life. You can see imitations of structures that talk with each significant ethnic gathering in Sarawak; longhouses of the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu, a Melanau tall-house and a Chinese ranch house among others.

The location additionally has a theater, where you can appreciate multicultural move exhibitions. Other than this, there is an eatery and handiwork shop. You can even get betrothed at the Sarawak Ethnic Village, in customary Iban, Malay, Bidayuh or Orang Ulu style.

The Iban longhouse has isolate rooms put next to each other, all of these open to a long mutual foyer, utilized for relaxed exercises like wood cutting and wicker bin weaving.

Guests are regularly welcomed to go to daily services and drink a solid grain wine, tuak, which the Iban make themselves. Agreeable guesthouses are likewise accessible for guests.


By Street

There’s no open transfer to the Cultural Village, however a bus transportation leaves the Holiday Inn Kuching at 9 feel and 12. 30 evening, returning at 1. forty-five pm and 5. 35 pm. Then again, you could contract a taxi for the day or contract an auto. Typically the street association is amazing and the headings are simple.

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